Inah Reyes

I’m a 20 something in the Public Relations field, an accidental copywriter, and a full-fledged potato at night; sometimes also at daytime.

I’m also one big social butterfly slash wanderer. I know, how messed up is that? I just said that I’m a full-fledged potato in the beginning. I guess my being a gemini could explain that. But anyway, so when I’m not in the office doing PR stuff in the real-estate industry, bridging gaps between the company and the market through writing and communication, I’m probably sipping my coffee thinking of where to go next, aside from my bedroom, to unwind (sleep, lol) or just out with friends or family. If not, I may be side hustlin’ for more money to finance myself; probably offering communications consultancy somewhere around the Metro. Lol

I was part of the student council for two years as councilor before I graduated from Holy Angel University with a degree in Communications specializing in Advertising and Public Relations in 2013 — BUT, still searching for ways to enrich my academic achievement and improve my skill set and  outlook in life. Thus, I am currently taking up my Master’s degree in Communication at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Living in Metro Manila but home grown in Angeles City, Pampanga.


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